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The FRP/GRP ( Glassfiber reinforced Plastic )  is more and more used in the most diverse applications, thanks to its general features, its ease in being repaired, its lightness, its resistance to water and moisture. 

Brianza Plastica SPA, with over 50 years of experience in the production of this material, offers a large range of possibilities  for the most diverse uses. 

Doubtless, the continuous increase in the use of the FRP/GRP  for the construction of RV as well as for refrigerated transport units , have made the FRP the main product of the present and of the foreseeable future. 


For every application and every system of lamination, we have the right product for you :


Recreational Vehicles

The market of the RV is constantly changing, as the tastes and needs of end users. 

Brianza USA can provide laminates for any parts of the vehicles, interior walls, exterior, roofs, floors. 

With colored gelcoat finish or suitable for painting. Thin laminates, as simple outer skin of the panel (  0.039 " ) up to high thicknesses ( 0.16") to replace the classic combination FRP + LUAN.

They can be supplied in rolls or cut to size. 

The ELYCOLD is our flagship product, it is produced on plan moulds on where it ends the cure time at room temperature.

This procedure gives to the laminate a total coverage of the texture, solving the blemish of the tipical marking of the fiberglass.

We use only the best raw material available on the market, including anti-UV fillers that give an outstanding resistence against the yellowing.

Our products have been XENON tested at one of the most important and reliable US laboratory,                 ( according to the ASTM 105.05a ) .


It can be supplied in widths up to 133 inches and fixed lenght of 197 ft (or sub-multiple)

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Need longer coils?

Our ELYPLAN will surely fit your needs. Our coilable product, up to 700' of lenght , our best-selling laminate for the roofs.

BRIANZA has also  developed ELYPLAN HF ( High Finish ) , our best laminate in continuous.

Manufactured using " chopped strand mat " for giving the best aesthetic finish.

The ideal for the outside walls and for HOT-MELT lamination system.



Tractor and Trailers

Starting from our ELYPLAN, the most-selling laminate for the inner side of the trailers and for roofs, BRIANZA has developed new products , specifically thought for specific applications.



 - Translucent 10%

 - Reinforced with woven roving

 - up to 700' 




Other applications

RV and Refrigerated transport are the most common fields where the flat GRP sheet is used, but why stop there?

Thanks to the its features, the FRP/GRP is suitable for different applications, like billboards, architectural decoration and more.

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Looking for EXTRA STRENGTH ?

The last " born " in BRIANZA's product family.

This type of laminate has been designed specifically to meet the needs of customers who wants more technically efficient materials.

ELYPLAN EXTRA GLASS contains a high percentage of glass that offers high rigidity combined with low specific weight.

Suitable for special applications such as roofs for buses and the inner side of the walls of temperature-controlled vehicles.

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If your goal is to replace the combination of LUAN + FRP or simply you want to save weight on your panels, ELYCOLD LITE and ELYCOLD XLITE are the right solution for you. 

Containing microspheres, starting from 0.060" we can reach high thicknesses up to 0.16" .

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